Welcome to my new website!

I am Len Nourse.

I write children stories, and other things. I’m passionate about people, family, health and science.

Every night at bedtime I made up stories for my kids.. many years later, I told the same stories (of JP talking to his animals and solving crimes) to my granddaughters, who convinced me to write them up.

JP and his Animal Detectives is a series of books for children. In total there are 11 books with different adventures to enjoy. The first five books are filed under the African Series and the following six books under the American series.
As a kid, JP found he could speak to the animals. In Book One, Bruno to Jakkals, the team solve drug related crimes and those of animal poaching.


As an adult JP joined the police force where, in action packed adventures, he and his police dog, Bruno, solved drug related crimes as well as those of animal poaching. In one exciting episode Bruno tells Len, with JP interpreting, how they caught this gang of drug dealers in the Valley of a Thousand Hills and put them in Jail. In this episode you can tell how excited and proud Bruno was of his part in solving this crime.

TheĀ African Series can be ordered from the publisher, BookLocker.com, or from your favorite online or neighborhood bookstore. Booklocker ebooks are available on Amazon, BarnesandNoble.com, Apple and Kobo.